Prices of the Appartment per night.

PerennialOccupancy 1 - 2 PersonsOccupancy 3 PersonsOccupancy 4 Persons
50 € per night.60 € per night.70 € per night.



  • – Kids under 6 are free.
  • – For Kids between 6 and 16 will be an additional price (as third or firth person) of 7.5 € per night..
  • – On a stay of 2 days there will be an additional costs for cleaning on 10 €. If you are staying 3 nights, there will be no additional costs.


Prices are for all of the year and have additional accomplishments:

  • – WIFI for free.
  • – Towels, etc. Strom, Current, Heating und TV.
  • – The curtaxes are inclusive.
  • – On booking confirmation you´ll have to pay 50 € of the full price.!
  • – On an stay more then 6 nights, price on ask.
  • – On the day of arrival, the appartment will be relatable on 3 p.m. . On the day of leaving, it will be 10 a.m. .


Trade terms

1. Prices
Prices see on table.
2. Acquisation of lease
After the reservation you will get a booking confirmation. The bookingis manditory after obtaining 50 % of the rent..
On arrival you will have to pay the rest. If you are booking short term, we are only accepting cash. Key delivery will be happening on paying. You´ll have to submit your ID for the application of the guests
3. General
The price includes electricity, heat, water, bedding, towels, Sat-TV, final cleaning and curtaxes
The appartment can only be delivered on the tenant of the booking confirmation and can not be assigned. The appartment can only be inhabitated on the agreed persons.
Smoking inside the appartment is not allowed.
4. Resignation:
In case of refusal, you have to pay cancelation fees. These are:
- till the day before start of yourney: 10 %
- till the day before start of yourney: 25 %
- till the day before start of yourney: 50 %
of the renting price.
We are recommending a travel cancellation insurance.
5. Damages
The tenant obliged the appartment, inventary (inventary list is in the appartment) and facilities to use with care..
The tenant is responsible for lose or damage of inventary and facilites of the appartment. 
Damages on the appartment or inventary have to be reported immediatly and will be paied by the tenant..
If the tenant reconizes, that it will be possible that damages will happen on the appartment or inventory, he is obliged to tell the renter and try anything possible to prevent these damages.
6. Liability
The renter does not accept any responsibility for valuable. The use of the appartment, property or any thing else is at own risk. Parents are liable for ther childrens.
7. Arrival / Depature
The agreed times are binding. On the day of arrival, the appartment will be relatable on 3 p.m. . On the day of leaving, it will be 10 a.m.